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Purpose of the audit:

Osceola County does periodical audits of businesses to:

  • Enforce Florida Tourist Development Tax laws and Osceola County Code of Ordinances
  • Deter tax evasion
  • Promote voluntary compliance
  • Educate taxpayers

Although Osceola County accepts the Tourist Development Tax returns as filed, some returns are audited for accuracy and to determine compliance. Audits do not always result in the taxpayer owing additional tax, penalty or interest.

How Are Taxpayers Selected for Audit?

The majority of the Tourist Development Tax audits are selected randomly. However, some audits may be selected as a result of referrals from the Osceola County Office of Commission Auditor's Tourist Development Tax Services.

Audit Process

  • Issuance of Notice of Intent to Audit – 60 days prior to commencement of the audit
  • Taxpayer is contacted by auditor to schedule entrance conference and commence the audit
  • Commencement of the audit- No later than 120 days following the Notice of Intent to Audit

Non-Inclusive List of Records Required for Examination

  • Florida Department of Revenue Sales Tax Returns (DR-15)
  • Osceola County Tourist Development Tax Returns
  • Federal Income Tax Returns
  • General Ledgers
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Financial Statements (Income Statements, Balance Sheets)
  • Exemption Certificates and all records applicable to exempt sales
  • Resale Certificates and all records applicable to sales for resale
  • Daily Audit Packs (daily close out by Night Auditor)
  • Daily Report (posted by hand or computer generated)
  • Guest Folio/Registration Cards/Guest Applications
  • Monthly Owner Statements (Property Management Companies)
  • List of Properties Managed Including Owner's Name, Permanent Address, and Address of Managed Property
  • Copy of Rental Agreement with Owner (If Agreements Vary, Copy of Each Different Agreement)
  • Other - any and all documents needed to complete the audit

Additional records may be requested if necessary.

Records must be maintained for a minimum of three years as required by F.S Chapter 212. Osceola County will audit for periods of three years; however, the County may audit for periods longer than three years if business was never registered with the County.

Pursuant to F.S Chapter 212, only records, receipts, invoices, resale certificates, and related documentation which are available to the auditor when such audit begins shall be deemed acceptable for the purposes of conducting such audit.

In the event that records are not made available, the County may issue an estimated assessment based upon the best information available, pursuant to F.S Chapter 212.

A Power of Attorney Form is required if the owner chooses to be represented by someone other than him or herself during the audit.