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Curbside Recycling Program

New Curbside Service FAQ

Starting October 1, 2019 curbside collections services will change for Osceola County. Read more about these upcoming changes on our FAQ.

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Recycling Bin

All residents in unincorporated Osceola County had received a 96 gallon recycling container that is serviced curbside once per week.


  • SINGLE STREAM recycling means “All recyclables go in ONE can.”
  • Remember: The recycle container is for recyclables ONLY. Absolutely no garbage or yard waste.
  • Recycle carts used for garbage and yard waste will be left at the curb.
  • NO GLASS is accepted for recycling.

Contact the Solid Waste Department for information on Recyclebank benefits at (407) 742-7750.

Single Stream Recycling Tips

All your recyclables (paper, plastic, metal, and cardboard) go into your recycling cart.

  • DO NOT mix garbage with recyclables.
  • Place your cart curbside with the opening facing the street, within three-feet from the curb.
  • Cart should be on the opposite side of the driveway from your mailbox to avoid any damage.
  • Per County Ordinance, please DO NOT place your recycle cart curbside earlier than 6 P.M. the night before your scheduled collection.

Accepted Recycling Materials

acceptable recycling items

Newspapers, junk mail, magazines, telephone books, catalogues, office paper and brown paper bags.

Bleach, detergent, shampoo bottles and bottles with necks #1-7 (number is located on the base of a container).

Aluminum and aerosol cans, pie pans and steel food containers.

Food boxes, milk and juice containers and cardboard boxes.


 Please do NOT include:

  • Glass
  • Recyclables in bags
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Garbage and food waste
  • Yard Waste grass clippings, branches & brush
  • Clothes and linens
  • Unnumbered plastics toothbrushes, toys, hoses,
  • Plastic or metal clothes hangers
  • Disposable cups or flatware
  • Construction debris bricks, wood, cement
  • Paint or Spray paint
  • Hard, reusable plastic bottles
  • Polystyrene cups, food trays and packing materials
  • Needles or medical waste
  • Garden hoses
  • Glass mirrors, windows, broken glass, etc.
  • Shredded papers
  • Propane tanks, helium tanks, portable gas tanks
  • Chemical/combustible and corrosive containers
  • Cable wires, steel cables, chains, barb-wires
  • Ropes